Thursday, December 29, 2011

Building a new computer now. I just got a brand new video card. I also just ordered a new power supply. I'm looking for a good case now.

What are the general opinions on the NZXT Tempest 410 Elite?

That looks promising. I would then buy a motherboard, and I am still shopping for one.

Does anyone have any tips?


  1. I've only built with my Thermaltake armor, but that looks like a badass case! Looks like the cooling should do well too. That was a problem on mine, I eventually just went liquid. Might want to consider making sure the case has holes or mounts for liquid cooling, just in case you decide to go that route sometime!

  2. good luck on your computer adventures!

  3. looking for tips myself, I need a new gaming pc.
    will be watching your blog for a while

  4. My friend got that one, and he says his computer works great!

  5. Good luck on building your PC, the case looks sweet.

  6. Sorry, don't have any tips, good luck